Who IS?

I have been an artist most of my life, as a young kid I could see that when I drew something, People’s attitudes would change slightly. 

Good or bad, it would change. And that was cool to me, so I ran with it. 

I have studied many different styles and practiced in many different mediums to be able to create anything I need too. I started as a kid with a marker tagging “HeadTrip” on everything I could but after enough times in trouble I turned towards tattoos. 

They lasted longer and people paid me ::) 

Win. WIN. 

Thank you for checking out my page. Feel free to view and explore the feature pages and posts on the site but please do not steal my art, create your own. I work hard to get where I am at and spent hours practicing so please respect it and my clients that pay for it. 

Impress me with your ideas and you just may end up on here too! ABOUT